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Are Super Tuscans super heroes??

September 24, 2013


Is there something super about Super Tuscans? Is this wine made for super heroes?? Does this wine give me super powers when I drink it??

Well we can answer all these questions with a no.

Well with all those questions answered very easily, what is a Super Tuscan Wine then??
Of course these wines are first and foremost made in the area of Tuscany. As compared to Chiantis, which are other wines made in Tuscany, Super Tuscans do not adhere to the laws set by the DOC or the DOCG. Also the primary grape used, and predominately only grape used, is Sangiovese. In Super Tuscan wines Sangiovese is not the only or predominant grape used, other grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, are used in the blend of these wines. By using these other grapes, winemakers are not confined to the laws and traditions of the DOC or DOCG.

In my opinion some Super Tuscans are better than Chiantis. If you love a full body red, with character and quality, then I say buy a Super Tuscan and try it for yourself.

Try a taste of Italy.


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