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Time for Bubbles!!!!

September 23, 2013


Champagne!!! Bubbles!!! What can be better??!!

I know it has been some time since my last blog, but I felt why not come back in a great way and what better way than Champagne!!!

Who doesn’t love bubbles?? It makes you happy when you see it and even better when you drink it. I believe that champagne is not only a drink to have during the holidays. I always think that every day should be a holiday and should be celebrated in the best way possible.

I always hate when people mistake Prosecco or California sparkling wine for champagne, or they use the word champagne for any sparkling. The law is that wine can only be called champagne if it is only made in Champagne, France. Now within the region of champagne each area is rated on a point scale out of 100. Areas which rate 99-100 points are considered Grand Cru, areas that are 90-98 points are considered Premier Cru, and areas rated 80-89 are considered regular champagne. Keep these point scales in. Ind once I start describing the Champagne.

First I want to explain that this specific Champagne House, AR LeNoble, is a rarity in the sense that is family owned and operated since it’s beginning in 1920. Most big names like Veuve Cliquot and Moët (which are ok but not my favorites) are run and operated by big name corporations. They lost sight of the quality of the champagne and rather push quantity, whereas LeNoble is the opposite they rather quality over quantity.

Now about this specific Champagne:
-This is LeNoble Brut Intense, a non vintage champagne.
-It is a blend of 40% Chardonnay from Chouilly which is located in the Cote des Blancs and all the grapes are considered Grand Cru, 30% Pinot Noir from Bisseuil which are considered Premier Cru grapes, and 30% Pinot Meunier from Damery.
-This champagne house owns all it’s own parcels in the areas of champagne.
-20% of this champagne is reserve wine from vintages of 2007 and 2009 (mostly 2009)
-It only has only 6g/L of sugar, which is low and can be considered an extra brut
-This champagne is also aged for 3 years on the lees.

In my opinion this Champagne is a great addition into one’s library and can hold it’s own against some of the big brands. I’ve always found that the smaller champagne makers make a such better quality champagne. Try and expand and go out of your comfort level and try something new and exciting.

Champagne is not only a celebratory drink, I personally love to start a meal with it because honestly it opens up your palate and wakens your senses for what is yet to come.

So why not next time you are out on a date with your sweetie, order a glass of champagne before the meal ad celebrate the fact that you are spending time with someone you truly care about. That is a holiday in and of itself.

Happy drinking!

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