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Muscadet??? Is that like Moscato???

September 5, 2013


Ok people… Once and for all Muscadet is NOT like Moscato!!!

You have no idea how many people get this wrong and automatically assume the wine is going to be sweet and sugary. I understand the common misconception that they have the same sounding names and yes they both begin with “M”.

There were times when I was working at a wine shop in NYC, and customers would ask me what would go well with oysters?? Well naturally I recommended Muscadet and their first reaction without fail was “No that’s too sweet.” Well let me tell all of you Muscadet is my perfect pairing with oysters, it’s the traditional classic pairing. The way I compare it is that Muscadet and oysters are like white on rice, peanut butter and jelly, they go together as much as a fat kid loves cake.

Now to go about this Muscadet in question: Domaine de la Tourmaline.
First I must make an adjustment on the vintage, in the picture it says 2010 but I am actually writing about the 2011 vintage.
The winery produces the wine in accordance to sustainable agricultural methods.
On the nose it shows hints of white blossoms and citrus. On the palate it has a nice balance of acidity and dryness. When paired with oysters it is amazing!! Yes I said it Amazing!!
The wine itself is a little low in alcohol, only 11.9% but the acidity and balance of the wine bring it up an showcase it as a superstar.

Now this is not to say this wine only goes well with oysters. It actually goes well with any seafood, especially sushi. It’s easy enough to drink on its own either while watching tv, cooking dinner, sitting on your balcony watching the sunset.

Please go out and try some Muscadet, you will be happy you did.

Remember try and expand your wine library and knowledge and never be afraid to ask questions.

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