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What Corkscrew?? That is the question

September 4, 2013


The age old question: What corkscrew do I use?
Well I usually tell people my favorite type of corkscrew is the waiters key (like the one in the picture above). I am a huge fan of this kind because it is sturdy, small (hey big things come in small packages too), and does exactly what is intended to do and that is open a bottle of wine. This key has a small sharp knife to cut the top of the foil, I generally like cutting the foil from just under the small bump at the top of the bottle, but hey that’s just me. The screw, or worm as we call it, should be sturdy and you should be able to look straight down the middle of it without any problems. Now I personally love the new double hinge designs. You are asking yourself what the heck is a double hinge and why is it important? Well this is why; first the double hinge allows you to pull the cork a bit then readjust and pull the rest of the cork out. Before with a regular key the hinge will only take you so far an you would still have to pull the cork out manually. This double hinge makes it super easy to pull out any cork. A good waiters key can pull out any cork with ease. Oh did I also mention that this key can also be used to open beer bottles, multi-purpose tool I love it!


Most people, if not all people, are familiar with this type of corkscrew, the Wings. To me this is the worst kind of corkscrew because it only does one thing and it does it BADLY!!!! First off it does not have a foil cutter so you either have to buy another tool to cut the foil or get a knife to cut it, waste of time. Next if you don’t center the worm properly in the middle of the cork it will be a pain in the butt to get the cork out. Not to mention that if you don’t center the worm and you begin to push the wings down to get the cork out, the cork can break from the amount of force you are putting on it. Yes corks do break all the time and with any key you use, but I find it more so with the wings. With the waiters key you can control how much force you use to get the cork out. Another reason why I am not a fan is the sheer size of the damn thing. It’s a bulky contraption, and like before you don’t need a big tool to do the job. This one you can not fit in your pocket, and for me being a wine rep and walking around the city and easy portable corkscrew, that does the job right each and every time, is what I want.


The infamous Rabbitscrew, get your minds out of the gutter it’s not that kind of rabbit. Well this corkscrew is simple and easy just a bit bulky. Most of them come with accessories such as foil cutters and bottle stoppers. I believe that it is a great gift (to get not give) and adds a sense of “luxury” to your wine accessories. Would I ever buy one for myself, no. The efficiency of it is that you clamp the neck of the bottle with the clamps, then you plunge the worm down and pull up and it’s that simple to get the cork out. I always had a problem of how the hell do I get the cork off the worm, and the answer is you push down the handle and then clamp the cork and pull back up and there you have it.

So as far as corkscrews go, I say use what you are comfortable using and what works best for you. These are jut options and my opinions for just these styles of corkscrews. Honestly there are almost as many corkscrews as there are different wines.

Open a bottle and enjoy a glass of wine.

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