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Wine Sniffing and Tasting

August 14, 2013

What is the importance of sniffing wine?

Well wine involves your sense of smell as much as it does your sense of taste. The aromas that come from a glass of wine can evoke many memories and smells that you have encountered in the past.

Different wines from different parts of the world give you different aromas. Some show dark ripe berries while others can be as delicate and soft as cherries.

The best way to get a proper sniff is to swirl the glass of wine, and don’t be afraid give it a nice vigorous swirl. Then get your nose in the glass and don’t be afraid to get your whole nose in there. You want to get the full aroma of the wine to be right on your nose.

I always say spend a few minutes sniffing your wine because after each sniff, just like after each sip of wine, different aromas arrive.

I know it might look or feel weird and feel weird but trust me your nose is just as much a part of your sense of taste as is your tongue.

After getting a good sniff take a sip of some wine, but don’t swallow it right a way. As the wine sits in your mouth, pull in some air through your mouth. I know you have seen wine people do this and always wondered what it meant, well here is your answer: when you take in air while wine is in your mouth you move the wine across your whole palate so that you can taste the different favors of wine at once. Some people even move the wine around in their mouth to feel the body of the wine as well as its structure. So let the wine linger in your mouth for a little bit longer before you swallow it.

Trust me wine is an experience and to get the full effect is what it’s all about.


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