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Around the World in a Glass of Wine

August 13, 2013

Wine is like poetry, the beginning is beautiful and captivates you to want more, the middle is complex and continues to change in characteristics, and the finish is smooth with a lingering sensation that makes you want more.

It’s always been a struggle to describe wine and the professionals use so many comparisons to what it tastes like, and it just makes one’s mind go crazy.

Within this blog and my many posts to come I will try and point out different wines for different occasions. I will also try my best to describe each wine and my experience. Yes, I do work within the wine industry and have for some time now, but the age old question I always get asked is: ” are you sure this wine is good? Do you like it?” My answer to this is that when I recommend a wine I stand behind It because I’ve tried it and liked it.

I believe wine is an experience and should be remembered. For example if you try a wine and five minutes later you forget what it’s like that wine is not memorable, but if you try a wine and you are still thinking about its taste and complexity thirty minutes after you finished your glass that means it made you think and made you remember it.

I hope this blog will help others get away from the stereotype wines such as just getting a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Moscato. I want to introduce a whole new world of wine to people such as Cabernet Franc, Tokaji, Muscadet (not related to moscato), and so much more.

I will add some history as well as some wine facts in this blog.

Hopefully you will enjoy this wonderful trip around the world in each and every glass of wine.

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